Jewish weddings

Creating and performing hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Jewish ceremonies are the heart and soul of my work as a rabbi. My work with couples to create a perfect ceremony for their special day is my artform. I am a “lean-in” rabbi who believes that relationship is the core of my rabbinate. I am blessed to form lasting bonds with many of the brides and grooms whom I marry. While most of the weddings I perform are in the Puget Sound region, I also travel to “destination,” out-of-state or even out of the country weddings. My pre-wedding meetings with couples take place over Zoom to fit into busy couples’ schedules. I will never, ever not feel a thrill when I say these words: "By the power given to me by the State of Washington [or wherever!] and according to the laws of Moses and Israel, I declare [the couple before me] to be married"! Mazal tov!

Inclusive Interfaith ceremonies

Rabbi Sarah incorporates elements that honor the family of the non-Jewish partner so that they feel that they are also a part of their loved one’s wedding. She once learned a Japanese love poem so that the non-English speaking
parents of a Japanese bride would feel included. She has woven both Filipino and Mexican traditions into a Jewish ceremony, with an Infinity Cord or Wedding Lasso substituting for a tallit. She has also found and shared love poems in Spanish and Portuguese and Malagasy and incorporated universal readings on love from other faith traditions so that the non-Jewish partner’s family feels that their sacred traditions are valued and present under the chuppah.

Camila & Alex


A wedding for two can be just as special as a wedding surrounded by families and friends. Rabbi Sarah will handcraft a ceremony to celebrate your love story, creating a memorable ceremony as you begin your lives as a married couple. Sometimes, the sky serves as our metaphorical chuppah, but the sacred space of this symbolic home is very much felt. Whether rituals are performed for 2 or 200, they will create a long-lasting memory and foundation on which the couple’s marriage will be built.

welcome baby!

Sometimes Jewish weddings lead to brand new babies! Rabbi Sarah specializes in handcrafting meaningful welcoming ceremonies for new babies, not necessarily on the 8th day. Using tzitzit as bracelets and anklets to symbolically bind the baby to the covenant between God and the Jewish people, family members read personalized blessings that Rabbi Sarah creates, recalling beloved traits of the baby’s great-grandparents or perhaps of our Biblical ancestors. Hebrew names are lovingly bestowed upon these beautiful little babies. We bless, we sing, and we celebrate.


LIfecycle events

It is said that Judaism is a blending of raisins and almonds, the sweetness of life which is sometimes punctuated by sorrow. I specialize in creating meaningful welcoming ceremonies for new babies (brit milah for a boy and simcha bat for a girl), celebrating one-of-a-kind weddings with special couples and also helping families at difficult times of loss by officiating at memorial services, shiva minyanim and unveilings.

Further questions...

To discuss your needs for an officiant at your wedding or other Jewish life cycle event or to explore your spiritual journey, please contact me.