Who I Am

I am a Reconstructionist rabbi who believes in "Big Tent Judaism"--a Judaism that does not require one to ascribe to a certain set of beliefs and practices to feel a strong connection with Judaism. Under the rubric "Locally Sourced Judaism,” I focus on creating one-of-a-kind life cycle events for life’s most treasured moments. I am currently co-chair of Washington Coalition of Rabbis, and I have been named an 18Doors Rukin Rabbinic Fellow, a cohort of rabbis committed to supporting interfaith couples and families in their religious decisions.


My Approach to Weddings

No two couples are alike. When I work with couples to create their perfect wedding ceremony, this statement is always in the front of my mind. My primary goal is to get to deeply know each partner as an individual and then to learn about them as a couple so that the ceremony is a perfect reflection of them and their romance. My other goal is that the ceremony I handcraft will quickly unite the wedding guests, who come from disparate parts of the couples’ lives—family, friends, and co-workers—into a community of love and support for them as they stand together under the chuppah (wedding canopy).

I love the sweet and funny comment I got from a non-Jewish guest: “That was my first Jewish wedding….can you sign me up to be Jewish?!”

I am pleased by how often guests who have known one or the other partner since childhood has said to me, “You captured them exactly. I can’t believe you haven’t known them their whole lives.”

Further questions...

If you wish to learn more about Jewish life, traditions and culture, or are looking for a rabbi to officiate at your Jewish wedding or other Jewish life cycle events, I would love to hear from you!